By The Book, LLC was created in 2003 by Kate McCarron. Since then, dozens of small business owners have benefited from her hands-on approach to bookkeeping, administration, managerial support and office management.

By The Book provides comprehensive bookkeeping and back office support services to small business owners so that they can maximize their businesses with confidence that everything is taken care of behind the scenes. Kate McCarron’s Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston College, her Investment Banking experience and her QuickBooks expertise enable her to become a trusted sounding board. This has led her to develop a devoted following of clients anxious to grow their businesses without the worry of missing a complicated step in financial management.

Expert consultants in cash flow management, By The Book, LLC, has clients in the following diverse industries: tech support, software design, web design, architectural services, advertising, executive search, home improvement, landscape design, not-for-profit and restaurant services. In short, if you’re in business, By The Book can help you, too.

Principal Kate McCarron studied finance at Boston College at the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. She spent eight years at BTM Capital Corporation as a “deal team” member, responsible for coordinating Structured Finance transactions. She has been a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 2002 and has continued her financial education by participating in numerous credit and small business programs.