“Kate completely revolutionized my way of doing business.”

“I was a do-it-all manager prior to meeting Kate McCarron in 2004. I kept track of my employees' hours on yellow Post-Its and hand-wrote all of my invoices, hopefully remembering any supplies or extra charges related to the bill. Preparing my taxes consisted of several days of sorting out every piece of business-related paper I had saved. Kate completely revolutionized my way of doing business. I now run my landscape business and Kate manages the health insurance, taxes, payroll, complex billing and captures all associated costs of running my business. She is incredibly responsive, astute and practical. I pay her bills happily because of the high value she brings to my company.
Christie Dustman, Principal of Christie Dustman & Company, Inc.

Referred by our accountant to fix QuickBooks file and train.

I was very happy with the training I received from Kate McCarron. Not only did Kate train me how to more effectively manage our accounts in QuickBooks, but she also went back two years and corrected the chart of accounts, made changes to the file based on our accountant's feedback, and reconciled the accounts. We would recommend her highly to any business.
Jennifer Rizzo, Office Manager, Aite Group

“In the hands of a trustworthy professional”

After years of struggling to keep my own books (and being scolded by my accountant every year!) I finally turned to By The Book, LLC. It is such a relief to know that my bookkeeping and accounting are in the hands of a trustworthy professional! By The Book, LLC has eliminated a major source of stress that comes with running a business.”
Victoria Merriman, President, Digital Loom

“An important part of our company’s growth and success”

“By The Book LLC took the embarrassing state of affairs that passed for a ‘back office’ at my company and turned it into an effective and relevant part of my business. Better still, professional scrutiny of our QuickBooks revealed myriad ways we were not capturing billable time. Hiring By The Book LLC proved profitable in the short term and became an important part of our company’s growth and success.”
Nigel Costolloe, President, Catchlight, Inc.


“Kate has been invaluable in restoring and maintaining order in our business.”
Jim Foster, Partner, interioReview

“Professional, accurate and timely”

“By The Book LLC learned our business and our accounting system quickly and has provided us with professional, accurate and timely service. We could not be more pleased.”
Will Dunning, Partner, OnCampus Advertising

“Accurate services that are essential”

“By the Book is an extremely valuable tool in our business offering predictable, accurate services that are essential. Working remotely, the company provides systems that are high tech and at the same time economical. Community Magazines LLC easily recommends By The Book — headed by Kate McCarron, an experienced professional — as an important service that anyone can use.”
Jonathan Brickman, Owner and Senior Editor, Community Magazines

“Their work saves my clients time”

“The team at By The Book is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Their work saves my clients enormous amounts of time throughout the year. As a result, I get their taxes done faster and at a lower fee.”
Steve Galucci, CPA